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Core Process Psychotherapy in person and online

​Core Process Psychotherapy, having been established in 1982, is one of the original mindfulness-based psychotherapies. Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice underpin this work. Teachings are drawn from different Buddhist sources and lineages to create a broad vehicle for the training of psychotherapists, which is integrated with western personality theory, psychodynamics and psychotherapy skills. 

The therapist provides opportunities for deepening embodied awareness and cultivating presence and open-heartedness in relationships. The integration of mindfulness practices with western psychotherapeutic practices is entirely unique. The client is invited to develop the ability to deepen into a state of presence, and learn to bring this state of awareness into relationship. Presence-in-relationship then becomes the ground of enquiry into the client's arising process.

In Core Process work both therapist and client are engaged in a joint healing process where an awareness of the body, its feelings and feeling tones, and the content and states of mind that arise, are used to explore the nature of selfhood and suffering. The therapist's essential role is that of reflector and facilitator of awareness. The heart of Core Process work is oriented to the belief that true healing is only possible to the extent that we can be fully present to the immediacy of our inner and outer experience.


This type of therapy is not only for people who are interested in Buddhism or are already Buddhists. This is for anyone who is interested in developing compassion for oneself in a deeply held and safe space. This helps the client develop a capacity for contemplative enquiry and the cultivation of embodied awareness.

EMDR is also offered together with Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy or separately.

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on healing modality that harmonizes the living system by bringing it back to its optimal state.

Through compassion, humility, and presence, the therapist invites resonance with something much deeper than our pain and suffering; the health within, which is never lost. This inherent health helps the client gently process pain and trauma in present time. 


Balance is restored to the system and its expression is more grounded and stable. The client re-orients to wellness and has resources to deeply process; to move gracefully and with more ease and purpose in life. The river of life pushes trauma away when it is stronger - together we bring the inherent health back to strengthen that current.

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Online Embodiment Meditation-

Mindfulness of the Body

Embodiment meditation is a facilitated one-on-one personalized meditation, that will help you bring awareness to your physical body, and what is held within.

You will be supported in noticing your felt sense and feeling tones, in the present moment. Things may surface, and we can process them with empathy and wholeness. Together we pay attention to thoughts and emotions, physical relaxation and spaciousness but also tightness and blockages, both emotional and physical.


The aim is to reach our inherent health and a place of deep rest and wholeness. Embodiment Meditation can help normalize the nervous system so that you can act from a place of health and freedom.

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